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David M. Schwarz Architects, Inc. is a design-oriented architecture firm that sees architecture as both an art and a service. The firm formed in 1976 in Washington, DC. Praise for our early historic preservation work earned us a reputation for “expressive” buildings. That reputation remains to this day.

Context is fundamental to our philosophy. Whether cultural, institutional, commercial, recreational, educational, mixed use, or residential, we see buildings as interactive parts of a larger whole. We design buildings of appropriate scale and detail to serve the people who use them.


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Process matters. We begin with multiple concepts, then narrow and refine. Our goal is the most appropriate solution—the one that best solves the problem at hand.

We believe design is a fluid exchange and a shaping of ideas between client and architect—it is iterative and it is interactive. There can be no predetermined solutions.


DMSAS takes a holistic approach to sustainability. Sustainability is not just about the latest materials or newest fad, but about efficient energy use, program arrangement, and site planning. The most sustainable buildings are those which stand the test of time, create a place in a community and continue to be reused and reinvented.  DMSAS has been a member of the US Green Building Council since 2001.  With 16 LEED AP on staff, DMSAS can take a building through all levels of certification, but we also design to a high standard of sustainability whether or not LEED certification is part of the process.


At DMSAS, we have a deep and abiding passion for community. Whether we are trying to capture the spirit of a community in a design, or supporting the communities where we live through various charitable efforts, the places and the people that surround us are at the heart of everything we do.


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